Agy Textile Artist

textile art coral reef

"Agatha Lee "Agy" is a textile artist who loves to draw with thread to create delicate lines and textures, producing surfaces that are not only vibrant and dynamic, but captivate the viewer.

In all of her textile art work, she uses the technique of free motion machine embroidery where she carefully guides the needle and thread through layers of fabric and fibers to create collages and 3D textures.  As an environmental advocate, she believes in “the power of limitations” and slowing down to appreciate nature. She makes use of whatever findings she can find within her home and surroundings, and upcycling them in her art work.

She intertwines the machine stitches with various surface markings - including natural dyes and hand stitching.  The resulting marks are a translation of what she captures and feels from the inspiration of her surroundings. "