Asawari Wadekar

My art revolves around nature and I depict it in a semi-abstract contemporary style. I have exhibited my works in several countries including Affordable Art Fair, and SOTA in Singapore and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai India.


Progression of themes and styles
My current works focus on abstract landscapes and the Banana series. The Banana trees reconnect me to my roots emotionally as these plants are a common sight in India too. I aim to bring the ordinary in focus through my art.

Going forward
I am looking forward to connecting with other visual artists in Singapore. I would like to exhibit my work in Singapore or in other countries and connect with the gallery owners and curators to reach a wider audience.
I also conduct private art lessons for children under the company Art Expressions and would like to reach out to more people.

 Connect with me

Facebook: Art-Expressions@AsawariArt

Instagram: Asawari Wadekar