Beatrice Morel

Beatrice Morel has been painting for the past 30 years, but she decided 11 years ago to adopt photography as a new medium of expression. As with her painting, she took the road of abstraction, which gives boundless territory to create and to distill emotions and ideas. Her latest project started as an attempt to express the light, movements and colours of emotions, a personal venture to communicate a feeling, a mood or a mental state at a particular time, an endeavour to make appear on film an outside depiction of what is felt deep inside.

As Salman Rushdie in The Golden House reflects: “Maybe I’m a smart camera. I record, but I’m not exactly passive. I think. I alter. Possibly I even invent. (...) I am a camera that paints.”

Beatrice’s work has been exhibited in the art space of Sofitel BKC Mumbai. Solo exhibition - “15 States of Mind”, 24 October 2017- 28 November 2017.


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