Thow Kwang Pottery (Dragon Kiln)


Thow Kwang aims to provide professional quality service to participants and hope these efforts would help enhances the understanding and appreciation of the dying art of porcelain and wood-fired ceramics in our country, and contribute to have a deeper engagement with arts and culture in our daily lives.

Founded in 1965 by Tan Kim Seh, Thow Kwang started off as a small cottage industry. Initially, we produced glazed pottery cups for nearby rubber plantations, used in the collection of natural rubber. Thow Kwang also met the demands of the local consumer market by manufacturing water jars, which were utilised for bathwater storage. In the 1970s, when Singapore’s domestic economy changed to favour the growth of orchid farms, Thow Kwang adapted to new market demands by increasing its production of pots in various shapes and sizes. It is a rich history that illuminates just how much Thow Kwang – and perhaps even the entire ceramic production industry – has been an active and efficacious contributor to Singapore’s economy.

Education & Workshops

Thow Kwang's educational pottery workshops and tour started humbly in 2000 by Mrs Yulianti Tan. From a small studio with 2 potters wheel to current 3 studios which can cater up to 120pax with 13 potters wheel and also full range of pottery facilities.

Led by our passionate pottery instructors, we run the only, leading educational pottery related programmes in Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln.

Through our workshop, you will learn more about our 75 years old big brother aka dragon kiln, the history about pottery industrials, how a lump of clay can form into a beautiful art piece, the list goes on...

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