MASE is an exciting art-inspired fashion accessories and lifestyle brand that promotes a colourful way of living. Combining the love for nature and architecture as well as a passion for creative art, MASE uses digital art prints in an artistic expression that promises to provoke your senses. All MASE products are driven by practicality as well as our bold artistic vision that makes every item a statement piece.


The Designer & Founder of MASE, Mae Kwan

Having graduated in architecture and music in London, Mae Kwan has developed a strong vision of merging art forms to create an artistic language that can fully express her ideas and beliefs.  MASE came to fruition in 2013 when the idea emerged during Mae's meditation in Bali.  A series of art prints were composed soon after the enlightened vacation that has proven to be a new design direction which brings boundless creativity in Mae's work. 

MASE Colour Therapy summarises the designer's vision to create meaningful fashion and lifestyle products that can bring beauty, harmony and joy into your life.

 Shoulder bag designed by MASE word by woman

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