Daniel Lim, Senior Minister of State Ms Sim Ann and Elaine Friedlander

Pictured above: L to R: Daniel Lim of Enable Asia, Senior Minister of State Ms Sim Ann, Nüwa founder Elaine Friedlander.

Nüwa is proud to be working in partnership with Enable Asia. The gentlemen behind this socially minded venture are Danny Raven Tan, visual artist, caregiver and Nüwa member; and Daniel Lim, a full-time working professional and caregiver.

Enable Asia aims to help people with Dementia live their life with dignity. Danny and Daniel are both individually, the primary caregiver for a parent living with dementia, and their empathy and dedication to the cause runs deep.

Nüwa believes that the accessibility and therapeutic nature of all art forms can make the lives of those with dementia better in many different ways. In partnership with Enable Asia, Nüwa are helping to raise awareness and to participate in the organisation of some of the activities planned by Enable Asia for later in 2018:

  • Curated by award winning theatre producer Jeremiah Choy, a 3-day mixed arts festival for audiences who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s and for caregivers of people with Dementia;
  • Curated by Nüwa, a seminar and networking session for artists, arts professionals and health practitioners addressing ‘art and dementia’.
  • A Designathon by Enable Asia and hosted and supported by the National Design Centre of Singapore, to design dementia enabling products with cultural relevance to Singaporean and Asian audiences;

Did you know? Asia has the fastest growing number of people living with dementia in the world. By 2050, Asia is estimated to have 62.7 million people living with dementia - 50% of the world's 132 million people with dementia.

Enable Asia’s goal is to change and improve lives of people with dementia and their caregivers through enablement, healthcare knowledge and various practical and reliable care givers’ experiences. Watch a video of Danny and Daniel from Enable Asia explaining more about the campaign in an interview with Give Asia.


To read more about Enable Asia please click here.

Celebrity Singer Boy George from Culture Club Supports the Cause

1980s singer, culture, fashion and music icon, Boy George, of Culture Club, has autographed an oil painting by Danny Raven Tan to be auctioned to raise funds for Empower Asia dementia charitable goals. Watch a video here where Danny and Daniel met Boy George and the artwork is autographed. If you’d like to find out more about Enable Asia’s goals and how you can support their work visit their page on Give Asia here.

If you are an artist or arts professional and you would like to be involved as a volunteer with the event please get in touch.