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How to find work as an artist in Singapore: Nüwa explores collaborations in the food and beverage sector

The lofty ideal of the artist may be to feed your soul, but they also need to feed themselves. Finding work as an artist in Singapore can be challenging, so collaborations between the arts community and business sector are an innovative way to produce meaningful content for both parties and make a living.

Street Art Won’t Save Lives. Being Passionate About What You Do? Can!

Nuwa is working in partnership with United World College of SEA and Blue Dragon Children's Foundation to empower street kids and child victims of human trafficking - through the arts. In 2017, Singaporean street art gallery, 'Addicted Gallery' and street artist collective Rscls, Zinc Nite Crew, and fellow artists Boon and Stranger, were brought on board by Nuwa to support and deliver a 3-day intensive street art workshop with twelve Blue Dragon kids flown over to Singapore. The trip to Singapore was more than just an art class - it gave those kids the chance to carry out an exchange with students of the same age from UWCSEA East; building friendships, confidence and pushing their future horizons further than we could ever have imagined. Additional supporters in-kind included the Hilton Hotel, Pret a Portrait, Hot Lotz, Real Foods and Art ...

Meet Danny Raven Tan - an artist truly in residence!

Danny Raven Tan is a figurative painter who has the gift of creativity in all senses. He has found a new way of balancing the commitment of caring for his elderly mother who suffers from dementia, with studio painting time, and exhibiting his work. Find out what motivated Danny to create The Tiffin Gallery - a HDB home-gallery.

Amazing Humans

Ash and his team of clowns, musicians and dancers are 'play specialists' who work with children in refugee camps across Europe. The aim is to allow the kids "to feel good, feel daft, and feel playful".