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Franziska, fondly known as the German with the South African accent, is Founder and Marketing Strategist at Jadeways Solutions. Jadeways offer holistic marketing consultancy for small businesses and freelancers. Elaine from Nüwa asked Franziska to share some of her professional marketing experiences with our readers. Here's what she said.

Elaine, Nüwa: Marketing can sometimes be overwhelming, and it can be tricky for small businesses and start-ups to figure out where they really need to invest precious time and money. How do you know where to start to help your customers?

Franziska: I guess it all starts with a lot of questions and answers. The first step is always to learn about the clients business - their purpose, ideas and goals. Once I understand what achievements the client is working toward, I embark on a journey of research and discovery to evaluate status quo and opportunities. My aim is to highlight and enhance what the client is already doing well and then connecting the dots between various exisiting and new marketing tactics to align them so the effect is amplified.

Elaine, Nüwa: How long does it usually take before you see a positive change in your customers marketing achievements?

Franziska: I would say fairly soon because marketing is essentially a process in the business and it needs certain Key Performance Indicators which can easily be tracked and measured and when this process is truly integrated in daily operations results will show. The trick is to learn how to analyze the results and tweak your approach to steer your marketing boat in the right direction. Its a little bit like sailing - you need to have a clear direction and know how to navigate. The wind will blow - sometimes a faster and sometimes a bit slower.

Elaine, Nüwa: What's the most unusual or challenging marketing type of campaign you've ever worked on? Not mentioning names!

Franziska: Well I guess it gets really tricky if clients can not really answer the question why their audience needs or wants their service or product. If that is the case I try to take a step back jointly with the client to establish a clear problem statement and therefore defining the value that is provided. Once you have answers to that you have crossed the biggest hurdle.

Elaine, Nüwa: What is the most succesful piece of your own marketing advice you applied to your own businesses, Jadeways Solutions, and why do you think this was the case?

Franziska: That has got to be 'make marketing part of your daily business operations and practice what you preach'! I have a natural tendancy to serve everyone else and then attending to my business' marketing needs when "I have the time". Marketing will never be successful if its done when there is time. It needs to be an integral part and process of daily business operations - even and especially when it is outsourced. I try to be very disciplined in securing a daily time slot to attend to my own Marketing Management and checking in which direction I am sailing.

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