Blue Dragon kids, the great wall of singapore

Addicted Gallery's connection to the street art scene in Singapore, was an invaluable link in the 'collaborative chain' that delivered this project. But their involvement has gone one step further, a key one at that. In addition to helping to bring artists on board, they have assisted in the documentation and evaluation - which will no doubt ensure we are able to build on the project in future years in a meaningful and informed way, and that we are able to communicate and share the project with others. 

Here is an excerpt from the project write up by Addicted Gallery Singapore.

"Art is for audiences, but it is also for the artist. The act of creating can bring about a catharsis to help salve the feelings that brought about the art in the first place. Just last month (November 20 - 23), with the collective assistance of RSCLS, ZNC, fellow street artists BOON and STRANGER, Nüwa, UWCSEA and Addicted Art Gallery, 12 Vietnamese street kids that have been rescued by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, participated in a series of workshops to learn new artistic skills and complete their own masterpieces, culminating in an exhibition, performance and auction at Hilton Hotel, Singapore. The results were outstanding. And it’s not just the artwork that was produced that we’re talking about. The Blue Dragon philosophy is to help children find their passion and use that to improve their lives. While these 12 kids may not all want to become artists, they’re passionate about seizing every opportunity that enables them to move forward and find that passion. Through this project they have discovered that they have a voice that matters and that they can express it if they want to. Here’s what happened…"

Here is a link to the full write up on Addicted Gallery's blog.