Nüwa is all about connecting artists, at all stages of their careers. And that is just what we were up to a week ago at Republic Polytechnic. A big thank you to Nüwa guest speakers: Gwen Pew from Centre 42, and Emily Png and Stuart Wee, the creative couple behind Andsoforth. These art industry professionals generously shared their career experiences with the Republic Polytechnic students, staff and alumni as part of RP’s Career Fair 2018.

Here's a little introduction to our speakers who came along to RP:

Gwen Pew, Communications & Programmes Executive, Centre 42

Gwen was born in Hong Kong, raised in London and Beijing, and graduated with a degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Leeds in the UK. She moved to Singapore in 2012, and currently works as an arts manager at Centre 42, a non-profit theatre development space. She was previously the arts editor of Time Out Singapore magazine. As a journalist, her work has also been published in titles such as The Guardian (UK), The Standard (HK), and Time Out (Beijing & Singapore). She was the recipient of the merit prize for Journalist of the Year at the Media Publishers Association of Singapore (MPAS) Awards in 2015.

Centre 42

CENTRE 42 is a non-profit theatre development space that is committed to the creation, documentation and promotion of texts and writings for the Singapore stage. The Centre incubates original writing for production development; provide space for artists and new work creation; and develop a functional archive documenting the histories and processes of Singapore theatre.

Stuart Wee and Emily Png, Founders of Andsoforth

Stuart Wee and Emily Png started Andsoforth as an alternative date night for Singaporeans, where introverts can become extroverts for a night, following the couples own inspiring trip to London and experiencing its theatre sub-culture. Stuart is from a Sound Engineering background, recording & producing various local artists, and Emily, worked in merchandising for luxury brands.

ANDSOFORTH creates site specific, immersive theatrical dining experiences. Instead of watching a show from the stage, guests are in the set and are part of the story. After prior online booking, diners are informed of a meeting location on the day of the feast and strategic clues along the way to guide them to the final venue.

Andsoforth crew

The ANDSOFORTH creative team includes actors, set designers, chefs, costume designers, illustrators, copywriters, scriptwriters/producers, lighting designers, sound scape artists who conspire to create immersive & interactive experiences in Singapore. Interested in joining the Andsoforth team? Click here.

Nüwa Top Tip:
Learn from others already in the sector. Find a mentor, speak to a teacher or lecturer, intern or volunteer where you might like to work, go to talks, art fairs, networking events, ask questions, learn from others. It can be the best investment (aside from the studying) you ever make.

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